Tune YOU Online Yoga Club with LJ


I have realized it is finally time:

time for me to build a specialized, therapeutic, Yoga-supporting-learning community, online.

I am so honored and excited to share this with you!

the Tune YOU Online Yoga Club

An affordable, easy way for you and I to:


move toward our REMEDIES

and build our RESOLVE.

An online Yoga Club to help us to really hone in, utilize and benefit from the practices, perspectives and the psychology of Yoga.

Yoga as a therapy we can use for ourselves.

Yoga as energy medicine we DO to ourselves, for ourselves, and the world.

Yoga as UNION, reconnecting in our unique, ever changing ways.

I am here to help.

Over these past almost 20 years of teaching hundreds of classes and 1:1 therapy sessions, I have developed custom, highly effective, therapeutic uses of these almost-magical poses. I love to help you also use and integrate your use of breath, relaxation, meditation, imagination, mudras and more, in growing your daily use of Yoga for yourself and your life.

And, hopefully by now you know that MY Yoga style is all about feeling BETTER, refreshed, and definitely designed to help you get out of and PREVENT pain with your mat practices.

My expertise is in creating super restorative, rejuvenating practices that are efficient and actually quite easy to fit into daily life.


I also LOVE reminding you and assisting you in #owningit with what TUNES you, as part of your Yoga-connecting practices and lifestyle–so I am always, and in this Tune YOU Online Yoga Club will be offering additional tools and techniques of Yoga and Meditation including journal ideas, walking as medicine, nature prescriptions, breath ideas and more.


This Tune YOU Online Yoga Club will include an ever growing library of custom learning with me, to include:

  • Weekly, Live Online Tune YOU Practice Gatherings, always recorded for your ease and convenience
  • Mat Practice Library with custom practices for a variety of symptoms and timeframes
  • Guided Meditations
  • Lectures
  • Tutorials
  • At home Retreats

PLUS, members receive 20% off all of my public courses, workshops, retreats and 1:1 sessions

Just $25/month

or $60 for first 3 months


BONUS~First 10 members to join receive a complimentary 1 hour Personalized 1:1 Yoga Therapy call with me– to help you to go deeper and even more direct with how you are ready to Tune YOU at this time in life.

*new content added weekly to practice libraries

*membership can be discontinued at any time

*group rates available too


I know there is a lot of Yoga online, and lots of wonderful choices.

My Yoga is unique. You will feel safe, supported and strengthened as you re-align and refresh.

Join me in enjoying the technology so we can practice TOGETHER.

Now, no matter where you live, if you have wifi–we can be in community—and sharing our Yoga.

So excited to play online, and go in deeper with you

Reconnecting + REMEDY + Resolve.

Tune YOU.

Our Tune YOU Online Yoga Club launches March 1.

so as of March 1, our practice library will be open for you to log in and use at anytime, anywhere, and our online weekly, live gatherings and classes will begin.

It is gonna be so sacred and sweet for ME, and such my honor to dive in with you.

Join NOW to say yes to this new, super affordable way I can help you to bring your Yoga in daily, and just right for you.

$25 per month, to join us, or 3 months for $60

Tune YOU Online Yoga Club with LJ, it’s on!

to join with the monthly option:

Order Tune YOU Online Yoga Club with LJ