1:1 Personalized Yoga Therapy with LJ


available LIVE or Online, 1:1 Personalized Yoga Therapy with me.

Welcome to my favorite, and the MOST POWERFUL way I can help you make changes, feel better and #ownit, daily, toward the life you want to live, the way you want to feel.

This is my newest signature process that I feel is the most effective and efficient way for me to help you really foster some new daily habits, practices and yogi perspectives and psychology that can really work for YOU: unique, emerging, even healing, you.

We meet LIVE and local, if you live in the OC or LA–at your preferred location, OR we can meet online through Skype or Google+,  for a 1.5 hour session.

Together, you and I assess your symptoms, imbalances, aims and desires for your current body, mind and spiritual life.

I take a look at your structural alignment, with a specific, personal assessment and analysis of your current posture, gait and mindset.

Then we build you a custom, daily Personalized Practice Program to address your aims and imbalances, and guide you through it to see and feel the differences you create.

This new daily practice we create for you will include:

  • daily, doable, custom Yoga Therapy mat practice–generally 5-20 minutes per day perfectly suited for you.
  • easy, effective and soothing Meditation practice 1-5 minutes per day utilizing simple, yet potent elements of mindset, breath, relaxation, and more


After our session, I create your personalized audio practice guides with photos to follow for your new, effective, efficient daily, home mat practice and your short, simple personalized meditation.

I find this works best if you and I stay connected and check in, refresh your practice, and make sure you have the right support and accountability to really hone in on your use of these practices, especially in alleviating symptoms, shifting physical, emotional or even spiritual issues and more.

So, I’ve built into this signature 1:1 Personalized Practice Program with me:

  1. Once monthly we meet live or online for our 1:1 Yoga Therapy session of 1.5 hours
  2. Monthly 30 min phone or Skype session to check in, tune your practices + perspectives, etc
  3. Weekly email or text check ins to help you stay accountable and in your flow
  4. Weekly personalized homeplay ideas with other Yoga tools like journaling, walking, appreciation, nature, and more as you are ready or desiring to add to your Yoga life

Because this works best if we help you REALLY commit to and embody this new Yoga Lifestyle, I recommend a minimum of 3 to 12 MONTHS that we work together. Again, with this signature process and blend of Yoga Therapy, tuned just right for you, right now, in your daily life, you will be amazed and delighted at the results YOU create.

I am here to help.

3 months for $468 OR $168 per month

6 months for  $868

12 months for $1200

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1:1 Personalized Yoga Therapy with LJ