Meditation Mentorbox with LJ


Meditation Mentorbox

Easy, inviting introduction to Meditation~
Online self-study 4-part video course with Laura Jane

Video 1. The Therapies + Inner Technologies of Meditation
Video 2. The Power of Just Sitting + Watching the Show
Video 3. Everything Is + As Meditation #owningit
Video 4. Developing Your Feelings of Connection + Inner Guidance

Let me help you to connect with and develop your daily habits with Meditation~ as a lifestyle choice and inner approach you can use with yourself.

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Learn to:
• Build simple, practical meditation into your everyday life
• Use meditation as an easy, doable therapy for your mental and  physical health
• Be more in your moments and able to enjoy your life
• Tap into more of your unique insights and ideas
• Modify and mediate your mindset, focus and attention
• Integrate simple ways to add minutes of meditation to everyday life
• Develop your use of relaxation and simple breath
• Feel more inner fulfillment and connection


And, the undeniable truth is, everyone we love will benefit from our building in our ways with meditation to tune and take care of ourselves.

Do it for you, your loved ones and your life.

If you have always wanted to meditate, or are dying to get back to it–this is for you.

The simplest, easiest, daily ways to make that meditation a habit. That is what this course is about.

Empowering you to know how to meditate–for yourself, with yourself, anytime and anywhere.

This internal practice can change and even save lives. Are you ready to build it in?

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This self-paced, digital course includes:

  • 6 Custom Videos on Meditation with LJ
  • 2 Specialized Audio Meditation Practice Guides from LJ

Just $68 to ease your way into daily meditation.

Buy your course now and receive your Meditation Mentorbox tools by email to start.

Meditation Mentorbox Online Course with LJ

so excited!

with love,

Laura Jane

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