The research is coming forth, the practitioners are recommending it: Yoga and Meditation can be perfect remedies to ease and prevent ANXIETY– for kids, teens and adults.

How does this work?

How can we implement this?

Does just any pose or class offer this remedy? Not necessarily.

Yoga and Meditation work BEST when applied therapeutically, personally, attending to precisely what is feeling out of balance.

Whether for kids, teens or adults, when we can get specific and help you really build it in a way that works for YOU, more like everyday…THIS is where we find the power and prowess of these practices and perspectives.

In Yoga Therapy, we get to help you learn to use yoga as a therapy for yourself, letting your union-connection be the way to tune you back to well-being, feeling good and simple enJOYing your life.

Once you have the tools, you can refine that self-care….and the daily difference in how you feel will make it well worth the minutes daily.

Here is a video with more on HOW our Yoga and Meditation work in soothing and shifting this sometimes immobilizing feeling.

I am here to help.

Let me know when you are ready to start talking about how we can help YOU to tune you.

You and your world deserve for you to feel better, flow better and really find what what works for you.


and it is my absolute honor and pleasure to guide you.

in love, always,

Laura Jane

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