Corporate Wellness

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Welcome to this resource page I created just for CORPORATE WELLNESS and at the office health.

Yoga Therapy can be such a perfect way to shift and feel BETTER during our days at work, in the office, at a desk.

This page offers you some of the free resources I love to share, bringing you simple, safe exercises, breath ideas, soothing meditations and more.

Enjoy! and DO integrate more of this into your days and ways.

You and your team will feel the difference!

  1. I made this soothing and refreshing DESK YOGA video for you, just 15 minutes from your chair:

2. AND here are a couple simple poses to try in between your desk time:

crystal lynn static back

mod cs

3. and lastly, a short audio meditation for you to enjoy and relax to:

Develop Your Chillability with LJ

I am always here for questions, specifics and to help YOU build in MORE Yoga Therapy into your life.
I would love to talk more about bringing live Yoga therapy to your workplace or business.

So thankful to share these practices + perspectives with you,

Laura Jane

the Yoga Muse

you can contact me at