About LJ

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I am Laura Jane, or LJ.

I teach about and help people implement personalized therapeutic Yoga and Meditation.

I love sharing the joys of connection and living a more connected lifestyle; I see that my aim and expertise is in helping ready people reconnect– in mind, body, spirit, and in life.

As well as helping my clients get out of pain and strain-whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual challenges–I also speak and share about topics like finding our FLOW, tapping into creativity, creating well-being, alignment and loving life through a Yoga-more connected, Lifestyle.


I always emphasize, feed and support your building personalized home practices for everyday life; I teach + share through live and online classes, talks and retreats, as well as offering personalized 1:1 Yoga Therapy sessions for getting specific with ready adults, teens and children.


I am the author of two Yoga Lifestyle + Practice books: Feel Better NOW
and Simple Everyday Prenatal Radiance, both available on Amazon.

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I love that I have a growing live AND online learning community, and I have so much fun creating videos, audios and Social Media to spread the joys of  a more conscious, connected lifestyle.

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Since going to graduate school in Psychology, studying learning and human development, I have been certified and teaching Yoga since 2000. I developed my specialized alignment + personalized practice expertise, which is ideal to alleviate many and most pain conditions, as a Postural Alignment therapist for 6 years with the Pain-Free Egoscue Method Clinics.


Currently, I am also a happy homeschooling Mom of two awesome kids, and I live in the rad city of Long Beach with my techy-restauranteur hubby, Greg, the kids and our three sweet, cuddly cats.
I am so thankful to be living such wonder-filled life, and so happy and eager to connect with ready you.
with love,
Laura Jane

to contact me for more info or for a free consult laurajanepv@gmail.com