7 Sacred Suggestions Toward Cocreating More Conscious, Connected KIDS and Family LIfe

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A Video Enrichment Series for Parents from Laura Jane

The 7 Sacred Suggestions Toward Cocreating More Conscious, Connected KIDS and Family Life Videos include:

  1. Trusting YOU and Them
  2. Listening Actively and Lovingly
  3. Building Respect
  4. Honoring Individuality
  5. Supporting and Allowing Emotions
  6. Following Interests and Passions
  7. Focusing on Connection

For years I have worked with children and families in various ways: from traditional public school settings to non-profit recreation programs, 1:1 private tutoring, developing curriculum as well as leading classes in meditation and yoga as therapy for all ages.

I have been studying education, human development, psychology and holistic health all of my adult life.

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I have found I honestly love and am passionate about childhood and humanity.

I see that enriching parenting and education is such a valuable way to help parents and children enjoy and embrace life as a more fulfilling, connected  journey.

I aim to better align parents with their kids, and their intentions in facilitating a more loving, learning environment and feeling in the home.

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In this video series, I am sharing my current understanding, awareness and practical guidance in what I have learned and observed ‘working’ for countless families and parents, including my experiences with my children.

This series is designed as another way to ‘fill your well’ as a parent, to give you ideas, insights and resources to even more fully parent in the way YOU want to.

This is about you honoring YOU as a parent, as well as honing in on how you can help your kids become their most confident, connected selves.

This series offers leading edge, progressive, and even research-based ‘advice’ on how to weave in even more heartful, humane and helpful practices in parenting to foster YOUR well-being as a parent—as well as strengthening your child’s experience and  autonomy along the way.

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I am so honored and excited to share what is coming through in this series.

I created this to be an easy, self-paced series for you to add along your path of parenting.

80 minutes of content, you can watch it in one sitting, or go through the 7 Suggestions at your own, ready pace.

Built to support, sustain and sweeten our parenting and family experience and ride.

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I’d love to share, from my heart to yours, what I have discovered WORKS along my way.

7 Sacred Suggestions Toward Cocreating More Conscious, Connected KIDS and Family LIfe Video Series is here to help you.

Just $33 to fill your well.

You and your family deserve it.

To say yes to you, and to get your instant access to this parenting enrichment video series, please use this link:

Parenting Video Series with LJ