1:1 Meditation Mentoring with LJ


1:1 Meditation Mentoring with me.

I am SO, over the top excited about this newest, specific, personalized option I am offering.

I am noticing so many of us are interested in and wishing we were doing more Meditation.

But, many of us feel overwhelmed, unsure, and even uninspired to actually start, to actually build it into our days.


Lately, I am extra eager to share my latest discoveries and understandings of Meditation, and how we can use it so easily, so effectively as a perfect, empowering therapy for ourselves.

Whether we think we want to use Meditation for issues of Mind, Body, Spirit, or just handing life and ourselves better… it is possible, and powerful when we actually DO bring it into our days. And, the big news is there are some refreshed truths about Meditation that I am so stoked to share with you, about how to really handle mind as part of Meditation, how to truly let it be natural, efficient, and a feel-better tool for us as part of our self care and days.

I also notice there are a lot of misconceptions right now about Meditation, so many of us have even tried it in a form that may or may not have made sense for us or worked for us, and so have given up on it or ourselves because we can’t ‘quiet our minds’ or it feels strange to imagine ourselves ‘as a deer by a lake’ or some funky, groovy, new-agey approach that may have been too far out for you.

My approach is practical, personal and universal.

If you want to make it spiritual, awesome; Let’s help you do that just right for you.

If you want your Meditation to be more about calming you, relaxing you, centering you–great let’s help you focus and hone in on that.

and, if you know me, I am talking bout minutes a day, within and around life.

Meditation can become a lifestyle choice and an instant preventative, or responsive way to handle ourselves, our energy, our mindset, and our feelings.                                                                                    Yes, feelings are a huge thing we get to deal with, process, free up and shift with the easiest, focused use of some of these amazing Meditation ways.

Is it tendencies toward anxiety, depression, or other mood stuff you want to address, and change? Let’s go there, and build you a personalized Meditation practice just for you, just for that-in minutes per day.

Or maybe it is creative flow you want to tap into? Productivity?

or even shifting addictions?

Big stuff we can care for and shift, with these simplest of tools.

So, if you are ready to FINALLY get into your daily Meditation practices, let’s do this.
I am offering 1:1 Meditation Mentoring just for ready you.

Super easy to do from your home to mine-we meet by phone 1x per week to mentor your Meditation life and practices. I build you custom audios to use in between meetings, and together we help you grow your resolve and conscious use of Meditation.

Personalized, for your life, and lifestyle, and even your current level of busyness.

Perfect for anyone of any age who is ready to get into Meditation with a Mentor’s help.

1:1 Meditation Mentoring with LJ 

  • $88 for 4 weeks 1:1
  • weekly 1:1 Meditation Mentoring 30 minute calls with me, at your convenience
  • personalized, custom audios from me- created just for you, to help you easily practice each day
  • mentoring, support, feedback and inspiration along your way from me online + by phone

So honored and excited to work 1:1 with you, and help you to FINALLY start or get back to Meditation.

Truly such a potent, progressive and solution-based approach.

You will love the way you feel, and the amazing shifts in your life.

so worth it.



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1:1 Meditation Mentoring with LJ