About LJ

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I am Laura Jane, LJ aka the Yoga Muse.

I am a producer, writer, and teacher– and I love the idea of being a Social Change Artist.

I love sharing the joys of connection and living a more connected lifestyle; I see that my aim and expertise is in helping ready people, like you, reconnect with themselves, in mind, body and spirit.

I am into playing with and sharing about topics like FLOW, creativity, well-being, alignment and loving life through a Yoga-more connected, Lifestyle.


I love to empower ready individuals, like YOU, with the tools to integrate and simplify transformative ways to tune in and tune up in body, mind and spirit.
I always emphasize and am looking to feed and support your building personalized home practices for everyday life; I teach + share through Social Media, LIVE + ON line workshops, transformative group classes and events, personalized 1:1 sessions and family style retreats.


I am the author of two Yoga Lifestyle + Practice books: Feel Better NOW
and Simple Everyday Prenatal Radiance, both available on Amazon.

pic of Feel Better Now book

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I love that I have a growing live AND online learning community, and I have so much fun creating videos, audios and Social Media to spread the joys of  a more conscious, connected lifestyle.

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Since going to graduate school in Psychology, studying learning and human development, I have been certified and teaching Yoga since 2000. I developed my specialized alignment + personalized practice expertise, which is ideal to alleviate many and most pain conditions, as a Postural Alignment therapist for 6 years with the Pain-Free Egoscue Method Clinics.

Now, I am integrating all of this as the Yoga Muse.

I work with individuals and groups ready to OWN IT~ ready to LOVE life and feel better, now.

2016 10+ Mastermind

Currently, I am also a happy homeschooling Mom of two awesome kids, and I live in the rad city of Long Beach with my techy-restauranteur hubby, Greg, the kids and our three sweet, cuddly cats.
I am so thankful to be living such wonder-filled life, and so happy and eager to connect with ready you!
with love,
Laura Jane

to contact me, you can email laurajanepv@gmail.com