Tune YOU for your Days #itstheyoga

How ready are you for a more connected lifestyle?

How about some Yogi ways to truly tune YOU for your days?

To be a Yogi simply means to be someone interested in connection, connecting, reconnection. The word Yoga really means union, to join, or to connect.

So, living a lifestyle that is more about connection—feeling connected, being connected in various ways, is the aim of what we might call a Yoga Lifestyle. Building in more ways for ourselves to reconnect—with ourselves, with others, with nature and feelings of spirit around and within us, THIS is Yoga.

Each day, each moment, really, we see that have a choice: a choice with our focus, our attention, our energy and our actions. Each time we choose, we can move into the awareness and attitude that fosters our feelings of connection; we can grow and build in ways to embody more feelings of presence, wholeness, alignment, and well-being.

It turns out, each MORNING holds an extra potent space and opportunity for us to re-choose and re-hone our focus, and our feelings of connection.

Each day as we ready ourselves to meet the world, we can remember to choose how we want to be living our lives, in how we are generally starting our days.

Waking up and asking ourselves, deciding ‘what is most important to me today?’

This is a powerful way to live. ‘How we are living our lives can be our greatest passion.” says spiritual teacher Bentinho Massaro. I agree. Living a life about connection is primed by our choosing daily how we want to feel and move into our days.

But, how does our connected lifestyle play out into actually creating our days?
How is tuning you, each day, for your day, the best bet toward living a life you love?

Now we get into some Yogi perspective and Psychology.

Its All Energy, It’s All Connected

As we get into the Yogi Lifestyle and more holistic approach, we are reminded and empowered by the idea that ‘it’s all energy’ and ‘we are energy’.

Everything is energy, and everything is connected.
We can also start to embrace that how we feel, here and now, tells us about our current energy state.

In a Yogi non-judgemental way of awareness we can honor that and choose to shift, as desired, more toward what we DO want. Noticing, and tending to how we feel in our moments, in our days and especially in the mornings becomes hugely helpful and transformative.

The power of the mornings, the fresh momentum for our energy, for our focus and attention, is an important concept to be aware of and working with.

Tuning ourselves, our energy in the start of our day is the easiest way to choose our momentum.

Be Aware of Your Vibration and Choose Yours
More and more of us these days are aware of and using the language of concepts like ‘vibe’ or vibration: vibe as an understanding of ourselves as energy, and the idea that we are always transmitting.

The Yogis have known and taught for years that what we think, how we feel creates that vibe, and that energy, and that vibe is always ‘going out.’

That energy we are in, how we feel, affects our mood, our body, our circumstances and even our rendezvous.

It’s almost magical, but it’s not, it’s energy.

So, as a Yogi-connection type, you can decide to #ownit, as I like to say, and really get and realize the potency of your connecting practices.

We are strengthened as we embrace and work WITH the fact that how we feel is sending out an energy that is affecting and even shaping our days.

We create by whatever feelings, whatever energy we dwell in, and thus transmit.
We draw back towards us more of the same, in every aspect of our lives.
We can choose what energy we want to bring to the party, to life, to the PTA, to the family.
And, the start of our day is the easiest, surest time to gather that momentum.

So, tune you each day, for your day, and you will create more days that rock.
Choose what lifts you, what aligns you, what reconnects you as your Yoga.
This is the the Yoga Lifestyle in effect.

Time to #ownit in a daily does it kind of way, tune you FOR your days.
Let 2017 be your reason, and your resolve.

I am so honored to share these practices + perspectives with ready you.
in infinite love, always,
Laura Jane